The designed WGTB family trees are vector drawings.

Unlike a "matrix" picture (jpeg, gif, png) composed of pixels, a vector image is always sharp as it consists of a set of geometric shapes recalculated each resizing..

Advantages of the vectorial format:

  • Sharpness and precision of plans.
  • No aliasing, this effect of staircase on curves.
  • A definition always perfect, whatever is the swelling.
  • Easy change attributes (stroke color, stroke width, fill color).
  • Modifiable attributes separately.

Previously designed in vector format, your tree is then converted to PDF before it's shipped.

The advantage of PDF is that preserves fonts images graphic objects and formatting of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to read.

PDF is one of the most appreciated by printers formats for rendering to the printing compliant that you see on the screen.

In presenting your family tree in PDF format to a printer, you are sure to get a high-quality printing.


Advantages of PDF format:

  • Accepted by all printers.
  • Made on the same paper reporting on the screen.
  • Ease of emailing.
  • Reduction of the "weight" of the file while maintaining the quality of the vector.
  • Impression on the medium of your choice (paper, canvas, PVC tarpaulin ...)

Create an infinite customization:

  • Independent settings for each element of the tree.
  • Font, style, size (lines of text and titles).
  • Stroke color, stroke width, fill color (shapes and text).
  • Monochrome or gradient (background).

To discover all the possibilities WGTB, the easiest way is to try.

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